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Sarah E. FairweatherHow can I improve your brand?


“Sarah has been such a delight to work with, and I really appreciated her ability to creatively direct and deliver on internal campaigns for our business. I learned quickly that anything she was involved in came out well. I had the pleasure of seeing her work up close from concept to shooting, editing to production. If you’re looking for a creative, smart, and get it done type who will elevate your content; Sarah is a great choice!”

Tiama Hanson-Drury, EVP of Product and Diversity and Inclusion at Dynata

“Sarah is an incredibly driven and hard-working team member. What sets Sarah apart is her ability to take the responsibility to accomplish tasks without a lot of redirection while still being a team player. I had the pleasure of first being introduced to her in college at Texas State and have only seen her leadership and creative skills grow as she has taken on more responsibilities in her career.”

-Zachary Smith, Assistant Editor/Social Media Content at Johnson and Sekin

Sarah is an experienced visual creator in multimedia design, photography, and videography. She is also an experienced social media analyst.

Sarah was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up, Sarah’s parents emphasized the importance of constantly learning, growing, and evolving both spiritually and educationally. In her teenage years, her parents encouraged her to spend multiple summers in Central America with their home church. Sarah’s first mission trip to Costa Rica sparked her passion and love for traveling. While attending Texas State University for college, Sarah still pursued her love of traveling and spent a semester abroad in London, Switzerland, and Italy. In the spring of 2019, she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Media Innovation, a minor in Business Administration, and a focus in International Communication. In June 2019, Sarah moved to Dallas, Texas for a full-time position. However, in May of 2020, she was laid off due to the pandemic. Despite the pandemic, Sarah decided to continue her education and pursue a master’s degree in Digital Marketing. She received a Master’s of Science in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University in June 2021.

Sarah’s work will be featured in a local community magazine in the July issue. Her work has also been featured on South by Southwest’s social media accounts, won international awards, and is praised by peers, professors, and co-workers.

Article by Sarah Fairweather featured in Fairfield community magazine

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